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(Deutsch) Gästehaus Zehmerhof

(Deutsch) Hauptstr. 7a
85469 Walpertskirchen

Holiday with your dog

Holiday with your dog

Dogs are welcome at Gästehaus Zehmerhof. In our dog-friendly rooms, it is relaxed on vacation.
For 5,00 Euro per night your pet sleeps in your room.

A beautiful Gassirunde leads directly from the garden to the creek, walk along the stream along the green surroundings of the village.

If you want to visit the THERME Erding, you can, for example, place your dog in the Hundepension Riffenthal as a day guest.

Please do not leave your dog alone in the room for a long time.
In a strange environment he feels insecure and longs for his “pack”.

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