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Our personalities

A house, no matter how modern and well equipped, is just a house. Only the people who live and work in it make it something unique.
Here we would like to introduce some persons of our house,
which make the guest house Zehmerhof unique!


Chefin IngridIngrid Renner

– wishes your guests well-being with revitalized Grander water –

Our guests should feel comfortable in our house.

In order to feel well, it has to be good for the body in the first place. Our body consists of half water. For example, Ingrid Renner, owner of Gästehaus Zehmerhof, is keen to provide her guests with the best possible water. From all water pipe comes with us “revitalized Grander water”. Just drink a glass of tap water during your visit and do something good for yourself and your body. Or feel after a shower, how soft your skin and your hair feel.





Chef Toni

Toni Renner

– provides the freshest eggs for breakfast –

A good morning starts with a good breakfast. Especially on vacation you have time to treat yourself to a breakfast, a stir or a fried egg. All the better, if you are sure that happy chickens are responsible for breakfast. Toni Renner runs a chicken farm with free-range eggs. He feeds his chickens with corn and wheat from his own fields. Of course, he always supplies his wife Ingrid Renner with fresh eggs for the Gästehaus Zehmerhof. So you, dear guests, in our house are sure to be served the freshest eggs for breakfast. Directly from the stable into the egg cup. At any time you can also take eggs for home.






Tante Josi

Tante Josi

– pampers guests with creative, homemade jams –

A true pleasure that makes our house so special are the more than 12 types of jam. Aunt Josi prepares fresh fruit and syrup jams. In addition, the aunt of Ingrid Renner bakes daily a fresh cake for the breakfast buffet. The names of the jam creations speak for themselves, e.g. Cherry-chocolate-almonds, plum-cinnamon, redcurrant-pineapple, etc. Best of all, you try all the variations at breakfast. From your favorite jam you are welcome to buy a glass at the reception.




Christina Schweiger MorgenpostChristina Maria Schweiger

– Food for the soul in the morning post –

A short story that invites you to think, a joke that puts a smile on your face or a phrase may not be missing on our breakfast table. Our receptionist Christina cares deeply about the written word, so she assembles the morning mail for each day. In her free time she writes as a novelist, of which a trilogy has already been published. If you feel like reading, you can purchase these novels, also with a signature, at the reception.   www.buecher.de (Im Zeichen der Sehnsucht, Im Zeichen der Hoffnung, Im Zeichen der Liebe, Hoffnung und Sehnsucht)




Claudia HondlClaudia Hondl

– Pictures say more than a thousand words –

According to this motto, our receptionist Claudia enriched our homepage with many pictures. Often she persuaded the “photo models” for our homepage to be photographed with much persuasion. In her free time, she often travels with the camera to capture beautiful moments.






Lavendelherzen von Hausdame KarinaKarina Hollengk

– fragrant hearts, is there anything better?

As a trained seamstress, our housekeeper loves to sew in her free time. It uses delicate fabrics, fine lace and decorative buttons to create fragrant lavender hearts for the wardrobe or shoe cabinet or just for decoration. Some of their most beautiful lavender hearts adorn our reception. You are also welcome to take home the fragrance in heart shape.






Franz mit RadFranz Eisenmann

– explore the world in a relaxed way on two wheels with an e-bike –

The head wind in the face, in brisk pace, without sweating, senior partner Franz has already explored all bike tours around Erding. Since he is also responsible for the maintenance of our 4 rental E-Bikes, he can not only give the guests valuable tips on the individual tours and refreshment options, but also looks after all technical questions with help and advice.

. www.gaestehaus-zehmerhof.de/e-bikeverleih/




Marlene mit Katze

Marlene Eisenmann

– it greens and blooms around the Zehmerhof –

Around the Zehmerhof, our guests enjoy the colors and scents of the flowers almost all year round. Often the senior boss is “armed” with watering can or rake. Much love and care is Marlene together with her daughter Ingrid Renner the plants. If a shrub is not so abundant, it may be because Marlene has torn some of it off a guest so he can plant it in his garden at home. Our senior partner is mostly accompanied by our cat Tipsi.




Ingrid und Eva beim dekorieren

Ingrid Renner mit Tochter Eva

– Decoration is fun for the eye –

As soon as you arrive, every guest will notice the antique suitcase box from the 19th century. Easter eggs and bunnies alternate with porcelain birds, pumpkins, gingerbread hearts from the Oktoberfest and Christmas baubles in smart arrangements depending on the season. With great pleasure and a keen eye for detail, Ingrid Renner and her daughter Eva decorate the whole house fresh again and again.





Eva und Johannes auf dem TrampolinJohannes und Eva Renner

– “It does not work without a trampoline and a kicker!”

Johannes and Eva are responsible for ensuring that there is a ground-level trampoline, a bird’s nest swing, a table football (Wuzzler) and a children’s billiard table in the Zehmerhof. They had precise ideas what you need so that children feel comfortable. They also regularly test whether everything is still working and pass on repair requests to Grandpa Franz immediately. So you can be sure that the toys are always in good shape.




Hund Tommy


The Pinschermix Tommy is responsible for the security in the guesthouse Zehmerhof. Small but sweet he greets all guests tail-waving. However, after dawn someone approaches the office or private home of the Renner family and barks loudly. You would not believe this little doggy.